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SeaGlide® will take your love of robotics to the next level! SeaGlide® is a miniature autonomous underwater glider that is a non-tethered, autonomous robot that does not have a propeller and uses minimal energy. Built from a kit, and part of a professionally developed curriculum, robotics fans of all ages will enjoy the gliders many capabilities. 

Order SeaGlide® today and see how this new platform is advancing robotics. 

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Students learn:

  • Basic electronic skills
  • Coding
  • 3D printing
  • Real-world sensing and data collection
  • Lessons in soldering and program circuit boards
  • The know-how to build a servo-driven buoyancy engine
  • How to balance the glider and drive it during an underwater flight

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Teacher Resources

The SeaGlide program is a perfect "next step" for teachers who have done SeaPerch or MATE with their students and are looking for an even more challenging authentic engineering project.

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