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About RoboNation

Uniting people through technology to make the world a better place.

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SeaPerch Challenge

Applying passion to STEM.

Go figure, it’s working.

When you apply STEM to a passion, it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like fun. At RoboNation, hackathons and makerspaces are just the beginning — we help guide students from STEM all the way to breaking into the industry.  


Empowering students

Students are driven to achieve two things: STEM educational attainment from Pre-Kindergarten through postsecondary school, and academic readiness to enter the workforce. Although we’re seeing positive steady growth in STEM graduates, we’re still seeing gaps. Students need to feel empowered. They need opportunities to apply their STEM education to real-world problems, and explore STEM in ways that relate to their own lives and communities. 

We seek to fill those gaps.

Pathways to success

Creating hands-on educational experiences that empower students, igniting their creativity to find innovative solutions. Beginning with a SeaPerch or SeaGlide program kit, we show students the why and how to build, while giving educators the tools and training to guide their students through the process.


We’re building more than bots here.

Students grow their love for robotics with each RoboNation competition. They’re also building real-world skills they’ll need in the workforce, and in life. 

Experiential learning is the foundation of students’ confidence. Competition brings that out, challenging students to transform their theoretical knowledge into practical solutions. 

But they’re learning so much more than that. Students need to work as a team and take on a slew of other real-world challenges. They learn to re-investigate intricate details of theory (or develop entirely new ones!), harness their technical communication skills, and build valuable leadership skills. Along the way, students are also learning self-reliance and jump-start innovation; encouraging intelligent risk-taking as they exercise their growing STEM skills. 

If what we just mentioned sound like valuable traits for a career in Robotics, it’s because they are. Which is why as students make the transition to industry, RoboNation provides career resources and tools to continue to support growth and professional development.

AUVSI Foundation
Insitu-founding partner
Northrop Grumman-founding partner
SolidWorks-founding partner
Established in 2009

Our History

RoboNation, Inc. (previously the AUVSI Foundation) began operation in 2009 with generous support from AUVSI and three founding partners – SolidWorks, Northrop Grumman and Insitu (a Boeing company).

Today, RoboNation is an independent, tax exempt, 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to provide a pathway of hands-on educational experiences that empower students to find innovative solutions to global challenges. Working together with the industry, research and educators, we have grown to include over nine student competitions and programs and engage more than 250,000 students per year.

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The intelligence may be artificial, but the enthusiasm is 100% organic.

We are a team of professionals, organizers and bot builders who want to see technology make the world a better place. And if you couldn’t tell already, we love what we do.