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From STEM to Autonomy

Start With STEM

STEM* gives students the tools they need to create. Empowers them to use their intellect, creativity and determination to generate a working product — all while giving them the aspirations to become the next engineer, maker or designer. *STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
2018 RobotX Challenge
From STEM to Autonomy

Advance to Autonomous Mode

No hands, no controls. These programs give students the skills to build a robot, laying the groundwork to be on the cutting-edge of the technological and engineering world — a world where Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and autonomous machines can make lives better.

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There is a spot for you at RoboNation. Before you start asking the big questions that will revolutionize the field of robotics, let's start with some simple ones. Like your name, email and area of interest.

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