For the first time, the unmanned boat world race won the 5th place

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Hsinchu Jiaotong University, on behalf of Taiwan, traveled to Hawaii in the United States to participate in the unmanned boat race sponsored by the International Association of Drivers Unmanned Systems (RoboNation). On December 8th, it launched an eight-day event and competed with the world’s top 14 universities. As a result, the Jiaoda team marched all the way. In the finals, he won the 5th place, only Singapore, the United States, Australia and other strong teams.

Jiaotong University said that the RobotX Challenge will be held in 2012, mainly for self-driving water surface and underwater unmanned vehicle competitions, to cultivate students’ interest in the automatic robot system on the ocean, and to develop robots in ocean exploration, shoreline patrol, and emergency rescue at sea. The possibility of important issues such as marine ecological detection and protection and naval defense technology.

At the beginning of 2017, RoboNation agreed with the Jiaotong University team to present an adaptive wave boat with a value of US$75,000. It was organized by Wang Xuecheng, an assistant professor of electrical engineering, and 16 from the Jiaoda Electrical and Electronic Control Office. The Department of Mechanical Engineering and two students from the Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering at the University of Taiwan completed a self-driving water surface and underwater system by designing the sensing, calculation and power of the vessel to resist the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Michigan. Top universities such as the University of Singapore.

There are strict safety checks during the competition and must pass the test before each disembarkation. The first competition was Gate Passing. An underwater sound source was installed under the gates consisting of 4 floats, and the position of the sound source was confirmed by a hydrophone and crossed correctly. The Jiaotong University team set a record of the most tasks in the day, including obstacle avoidance missions, boat stopping missions, scanning light source decoding, detection targets and shooting missions, earning $2,000 in prize money, successfully entering the finals,
mixing the finals through import and export and basic control, and avoiding obstacles. In addition, many tasks such as stopping the ship and capturing underwater objects, it is necessary to complete the automatic obstacle avoidance and stop the task of the ship under the interference of many obstacles. In addition to the actual mission, the team will also consider the underwater system, design concepts and methods, presented in the form of oral reports.

With excellent teamwork and soft and hard design strength, the Jiaoda team beat top universities such as the University of Michigan and Harbin Engineering University in China, and achieved the best results in the first group of universities. The judges also praised the great performance and gave high recognition.

Wang Xuecheng said that most of the students in this team did not have the experience of participating in large-scale competitions. How to organize teams, leaders, and division of responsibilities requires guidance and communication coordination. The team philosophy is that “student wants to win more than the instructor, the competition will succeed!” Highly autonomous learning and management, able to handle most of the things in the middle and the end of the competition, to overcome various problems, I believe that the future performance of this group of students can be better.

Huang Yiwei, a doctoral student who is the captain, said that this is the first time the team has done water and underwater unmanned vehicles, which is a challenge for every member. Every test run during the game requires on-site software changes. To complete the stress in a very short period of time, it is necessary to maintain a high degree of concentration, pressure resistance and clear thinking. The team performed very well. Huang Yiwei also said that at the beginning of the preparations, he had discussed whether he would prepare for the 2020 and then he would be proud of the team’s determination and efforts to make the performance exceed expectations.

The results were the first in the National University of Singapore, the second in Queensland University of Technology, the third in the United States, the University of Florida, the fourth in the University of Florida, and the fifth in Taiwan, Hsinchu Jiaotong University. (Sudden Center Yang Shengyu / Hsinchu Report)

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