Supporter Spotlight: Relationships Matter

Relationships matter – New Donor

Blue Robotics, a long-time sponsor and strategic partner of RoboNation, is a relatively new, but fast growing blue tech company.  Through Blue Robotics, RoboNation has been introduced to many new contacts in blue tech interested in supporting STEM – including the Lukis Foundation who made a generous 2019 year-end contribution to RoboNation.
SeaPerch demo at Blue Robotics Open House | October 2019
It all started with an invitation to attend and exhibit at a recent Blue Robotics Open House where we had the opportunity to share our RoboNation community with new friends Pierre-Yves Cousteau of Cousteau Divers and Larry Lukis of Cerulean Sonar — even ran into long-time friends Matthew Dunbabin from QUT and RoboSub Navy Reserve volunteers. Connecting with the humans behind the bots, sparking interest with kids and re-igniting the fun side of the business of robotics with adults is what drives us at RoboNation. So it is with enthusiastic gratitude from all of us at RoboNation: thank you to Lukis Foundation for supporting STEM through RoboNation and to Blue Robotics for hooking it up!
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