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Are you ready to embark on a new passion that could ultimately land you a career in robotics and change the world for the better? Well before you become an official citizen of RoboNation, you’ll probably need some basic information first.

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Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

2019 RoboSub Team
“The community aspect of RoboSub is incredible. Teams are collaborative and as a first year team we felt incredibly supported by the other participants. I’ve never been part of a collegiate competition with such a strong community.”
Tom Scherlis
Tom Scherlis
Carnegie Mellon University

Sponsor “As a RoboNation IARC participant in college, I learned many of the things that later allowed me to create Blue Robotics, one of the sponsors and suppliers for the RoboSub, RoboBoat, and Maritime RobotX Challenges. Practical team experiences like these competitions are critical to learn how to be an engineer or business person in the real world and we’re incredibly proud to support that today.”
Rustom Jehangir
Rustom Jehangir
Blue Robotics

2019 International SeaPerch Challenge “I loved the opportunity to walk around and talk with teams from other states/countries. What a phenomenal learning experience for not only my students but for me as a professional educator.”
Team Mentor/Chaperone

2019 RoboBoat Team
“Interaction between the teams was fantastic. People were so nice and helpful.”
Marshall Sowell
Marshall Sowell
Florida State University / Gulf Coast State College

2018 RoboSub Team “This was a great competition as always, and I look forward to cheering on CUAUV next year as an alumnus!”
Zander Bolgar
Zander Bolgar
Cornell University

2019 International SeaPerch Challenge “I liked seeing this year’s challenge, which was different from previous years. It forced us to think outside of the box and go through the engineering design process several times. Basing the challenge off of real life events showed students how this has real life applications.”
Team Member

2018 RobotX Challenge Advisor “The team does various outreach events as part of the Robotics Association. Some of these are local events to showcase the technology, others are going to schools to talk to students and some are on-campus events to the ERAU community.”
Dr. Eric Coyle
Dr. Eric Coyle
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Does all of this sound awesome? Find out more.

There is a spot for you at RoboNation. Before you start asking the big questions that will revolutionize the field of robotics, let’s start with some simple ones. Like your name, email, and area of interest.

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