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Advancements in autonomous vehicle technology across all domains - air, land, and water - are moving fast in public and private sectors, including academia through research and competitions. In support of these advancements, the Maritime RobotX Challenge was created.  RobotX is RoboNation’s most complex robotic competition to-date. A new element of RobotX is the creation of the RobotX Forum, intended to be an interactive gathering with presentations from academia, senior officials, and industry leaders involved in the development and use of autonomous maritime systems.


2018 Maritime RobotX Challenge

December 8-15, 2018, Sand Island Boat Launch, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Registration is open

The Preliminary Rules & Tasks are out now! We need your feedback to create the best experience for the upcoming Challenge, so join the conversation today!


2017 Maritime RobotX Forum

Find out the answers to all your RobotX questions straight from the land down under - recorded sessions available NOW!


For more information about RobotX, visit the RobotX website.

Student Eligibility: 

High School, Undergraduate, Graduate

2016 RobotX Finals Webcast

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